10 lovely flower girl ideas

Lovely flower girl ideas are hard to come by unless you have major floral design chops or have (wisely) tapped a wedding designer to dream them up on your behalf- and is there anything sweeter than a bevy of little beauties traipsing down the aisle before a bride’s processional?

Here are a few top tips + to dos for your flower girl brigade:

1. Invite them in an engaging and child-centric way.

• Pen a beautiful letter with little drawings and doodles, or even a little poem. Snag a lovely letterpress card from Chatham and Caron or Laura Hooper Calligraphy for an extra keepsake-worthy touch.

• Tap a florist to craft a tiny posy or gorgeous floral crown to send them to get them excited about their role. Lily at Flower Shop at Mixson is the queen of gorgeous flower crowns. Make your own crown if you’re feeling super crafty.

• Drop a precious box of hand-drawn “will you be my flower girl” cookies in the mail with a dear little note inviting them to be a part of your big day.

2. Help their mama(s) with suggestions on attire.

• Don’t assume it’s an easy hunt- it’s not! Dressing flower girls in finery is an art unless you choose the mainstream route like J. Crew. Think about how you want them to blend cohesively with your wedding party attire, and do a little digging. Our favorite spots for antique lace gowns + fine Southern children’s attire are Lylianne and Children’s Cottage.

• Remember that children between the ages of 2 and 8 grow like weeds. If your engagement is longer than 9 months, you’ll need to consider what will fit + look appropriate for the big day, as opposed to looking at the children now and forgetting they’ll sprout!

3. Flower girls love being with the “big girls”, so plan accordingly. 

• Have easy crafts like coloring books + colored pencils, puzzles, and snacks on hand to keep them entertained while they get dressed with your ‘maids.

• It’s customary to give them a little gift, much like you do with your bridesmaids. Whether it’s a traditional cross pin, a beautiful little James Avery necklace, or an antique gold baby bracelet they’ll treasure forever, shop ahead of time + box it beautifully to make them feel included and loved. Of course you can’t go wrong with an engraved sterling cup from Baby Braithwaite!

4. Last but not least, plan for their little blooms. 

• Will they carry a kissing ball or a posy? Should they toss petals from little baskets or have their hands free?

• Will they wear a floral wreath, a flower behind their ear, a flower-bedecked-headband, or fabulous silk bows in lieu?

Below, we’ve rounded up some precious flower girl ideas for you to steal . . .

monogrammed dresses for flower girls

You know we Southerners will stick a monogram on anything that sits still long enough. These precious flower girl dresses are taken up a notch with personalization- how adorable are they? via Southern Weddings

flower girl ideas

We love us a garland, and flower girl garlands are no exception! The baby’s breath kissing ball nails it, too- you can’t go wrong with a sweet little baby’s breath moment. via Southern Weddings

ribbon flower wands for flower girls

I’m not really down for a whole host of guest waving ribbon wedding wands, as I think the reality is drunken dudes would give us the stinkeye if we forced those into their last-drink-laden hands at the end of the night. BUT, I’m loving them for flower girls, especially the flower-strung ribbon wands via Martha Stewart Weddings (L) and Elizabeth Anne Designs/Amy Osaba (R).

balloons for flower girlsIf you’re an MOB, you’re already with me. If you’re a blushing bride, you may not know this yet- children love balloons. Big time- like, it’s an obsession. Helium, no helium, it doesn’t matter- they get a kick either way. The best for this concept are from Geronimo, which incidentally is a totally rad name for a company.

flower girl posy and flower girl baskets

Come on, you knew I’d tee up some classics- I’m a traditionalist to a fault. At our bride Hollis’s wedding shot by Tec Petaja, Blossoms served up delicate little blooms in our MOB’s sterling baskets- it doesn’t get much more Southern than that. Just below is a snap of the perfect lily-of-the-valley posy (aka posie/posey/nosegay) for a little gal to carry, via Christina McNeill of Snippet & Ink.

parasols and pinafores

DIY posy parasols and lace pinafores for gathering + tossing petals? Leave it to Martha for lovely flower girl ideas.

floral crowns and flower girl headpieces

Last but not least- hair adornment! A sprig in a ponytail, a gardenia behind the ear, greenery-only wreaths, and slight color via astilbe + fresh heather are a no fail flower girl concept. (clockwise: Southern Weddings, Christina McNeill of Snippet & Ink, Ruffled, Ruffled.)

What are you doing to delight + bedeck the littlest members of your wedding party? Let us know your flower girl ideas!