Bright Lights, Big City

Nothing like old stompin’ grounds to get inspired … and DC is (not surprisingly) hoppin’ with hot spots. Wedding and event design inspiration can come from anywhere: a piece of sculpture, a scene from an old movie, a flea market stall. The Capitol is chock full of up-and-coming boutiques, designers, artists, and infectious fashion-forward energy.

Of course, when you boil it down, it’s really all about the food and the atmosphere, and our recent trip to DC didn’t disappoint:

Lunch at Oyo Lounge (best power sushi lunch spot)

Oya Lounge

Dinner at Zaytinya (ohpah!)

Under the direction of James Beard award-winning chef, José Andrés, Zaytinya’s extensive menu reflects the rich, regional diversity of classical and contemporary Greek, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine. Tapas, to say the least … and warm bread poufs to break your heart.

bar at Zaytinya Squash blossom at Zaytinya

Drinks at the W

The rooftop boasts the best views of the city, with a horizon including the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the White House, and more. We sipped hibiscus flower cocktails (research, people- research!) and people-watched with the best of them.

W Hotel Washington Rooftop W Hotel Washington First Floor

Brunch at Peacock Cafe

Dress code: big sunglasses, skinny jeans, equestrian boots, last night’s makeup. In hand: hair of the dog.

Peacock Cafe - outside Peacock Cafe Crab + Salmon Eggs Benedict

Sweet tooth stop-off at Baked + Wired

After leaving a puddle of collective drool behind at Cusp, we popped into Baked + Wired for an Elvis Impersonator (represent our roots) … a banana-flavored cupcake with peanut butter icing and chocolate drizzle. They make an Elvis cupcake with bacon on top- hence our choice on the Impersonator (cowards!). It was a toss-up between that and the classic Strawberry, seen below:

Baked + Wired Strawberry Cupcake Baked + Wired in Georgetown

When we weren’t laughing at the cheekiness of the servers (they named a seven layer bar a “Kick Me in the Nuts bar”-gasp), we were debating the finer merits of cupcake icing methods; namely, spread side-to-side like Mama used to make ’em vs. the oft-seen “dog poop swirl” that hardens into a removable tophat of sorts. Crowd vote: Mama’s way.

Obligatory stop-in at hyper-visual favorite, Anthropologie

The window dressing and visual merchandising alone is enough to make a girl seek a modern-day fainting couch, pronto. We sling the word “Anthro” around the office like a de-facto style term, and we see quite a bit of crossover in our wedding design buying and trends with the bohemian retail behemoth. We always envision a mini brigade of Simon Doonans running about at midnight in malls across America erecting these dreamy pieces – who’s behind the curtain?! A few that inspire:

Anthropologie window display Anthropologie window display Anthropologie window display

Perennial fave, Urban Chic

Trina, Tibi, Ella, DVF, Milly- need we say more? Painful.

Urban Chic

Sassanova anyone?

Just try to keep the 80’s song “Casanova” out of your head – just try. Note the use of Lucite below!


Saturday at the Old Ebbitt Grill

Avoiding an “oontz oontz” scene is hard to do in DC, but you’ll find its polar opposite at the Old Ebbitt. Think politicians with their scotch neats rubbing shoulders with twenty- and thirty-something movers and shakers, and even hoi-polloi like us. The old guard marble-clad establishment is always suffused with a warm amber glow and filled with that kinetic energy that only powerful people can produce.

One of the best seasonal items on the menu is the Sweet Potato Gratin– yum.

Old Ebbitt Grill

Sunday Brunch at Liberty Tavern

There is nothing better than unwinding with old friends, inhaling lobster rolls, and sipping bloodies in the sunshine in a state whose slogan takes the cake for all time.

You know you want one:

Virginia is for Lovers tee