Cuff ‘n’ Puff

My family has an internal dictionary of sorts that, upon getting to know us, others pick up with abandon. It’s really funny to hear someone use a Britt family word you just know was internally invented and is now spreading like a common-day colloquialism. One of our phrases is “buff ‘n’ puff”, used as a combo suggestion that one needs to “powder your nose”/get your stuff together/rehab your wardrobe/lose a 5-er. Others include “cufupu” (clean up/fix up/pick up), a classic that everyone in our office has adopted. But I digress.

Point being (I promise I have one) that the cuffs below are the ultimate “cuff ‘n’ puff”- read: no need to lose a 5-er. Slap one of these on and your tired ensemble is radically elevated to haute couture.

Alexis Bittar Gold Klimt Cuff

Alexis Bittar’s gold Klimt cuff . . .

Anna Beck Raja Cuff

Anna Beck’s Raja cuff . . . i found it at Couture Candy.

CC Skye Bardot Cuff

This little beaut comes in 4 colors, by CC Skye.

Kendra Scott Abena Cuff

Kendra Scott Abena Cuff . . .

Lulu Frost Cuff

Lulu Frost cuff from Artslope . . .

Kendra Scott Salome Cuff

Salome cuff from Kendra Scott . . .

Ainsley Cuff from Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott’s Ainsley cuff . . .

CC Skye hinge cuff

CC Skye Hinge cuff . . .