Pink Champagne . . . on ice

Why on Father’s Day would my über-sweet husband DVR the US Open Pebble Beach so that I could take my own advice on movies to rent and pop in An Affair to Remember? Simply because I am a saaaaa-ppy wedding designer in my heart of hearts and that he is a total gem.

Where have I been? How could I not know that so many movies we love and know were based on the perfection that is this classic? Shame on moi.

Quick highlights and commentary:

Cary Grant was dashing at all ages.

I am most definitely from another time . . . I waffle between Elizabethan England and 1950s New England (sorry, South).

Deborah Kerr uses words like “divine” and “dahling” throughout the movie. Love her.

Pink champagne was made famous by this movie . . . pass the crystal coupes.

Vintage gowns like this one rock my world:

So naturally I had to scour la web for a few girly pinks and throw this together:

First row credit: A Bryan Photo (4th tile)

Third row credit: Martha Stewart Weddings cake (2nd tile)

What silly romantic thing have you done lately?