Viva Venezia

Daydreaming about our New Year’s Eve bride’s big day, I was pondering the couple’s travels to and love of Italy. I too love the boot-shaped country for all of its peppery salumi and darkest chocolate gelato. My time living in Paris can’t hold a candle to my adult travels to Rome, Florence, and Siena, where as a newly-engaged gal (with my love in tow!) I was swept up in the magic, the art, the hearty vino rosso.

Confession: I did miss Venice, and am waiting with bated breath until the moment I can swipe the Visa (Mr. Euro, please take a dive) so that we can see more-more-more of Italia. In the interim, I scour the web for inspiration on the Northern Italian supper we will serve this Winter.

Check out what I came across as inspiration for their tent, and revel in it with me:

The gossip:

Falling Garden is located at the San Staë church on the Canale Grande in Venice. It was created to celebrate the 50th Biennial of Venice in 2003. Visitors can lie on the bed and look up to a beautiful collection of hanging items.

Components: Plastic berries (India), cow pads (Jura), waste paper (Venice), baobab seeds (Australia), beech, elder and magnolia branches (Uster), thorns (Almeria), nylon blossoms (one-dollar-shop), pigs’ teeth (Indonesia), seaweed (Seoul), orange peel (Migros shop), fertilizer crystals (home grown), pigeons’ bones (San Staë), silk buds (Stockholm), cattail (Ettiswil), cats’ tails (China), celery roots (Montreal), virility rind (Caribbean), wild bore quills (zoo), banana leaves (Murten), rubber snakes (Cincinnati)…