Gem (Jem), Truly Outrageous

If you can’t rock that reference, you just lack an Eighties upbringing. No sweat – because there is nothing dated and everything rad about the below baubles from Gem Palace in Jaipur.

My very hip friend and buyer for Capitol Charlotte, the ever-stylish Ruth Caldwell, casually mentioned that her engagement ring was designed by Gem Palace, thus throwing me into a pendulum swing of jewel lust . . . and it all began with a simple convo about Madeline Weinrib’s genius. Really, Ruth? Let a girl just be . . .

If you’re still with me and not off visually galavanting through pictures of Ruth’s pad, peruse the below and let your imagination conjure up bazaars full of cabochon stones and heaping piles of exotic spices:

Fierce with a capital F. And you thought you’d go all mellow and greige and muted on me with your Fall 2010 accessories? Step up.