Ode to David Stark

I’m not going to write an ode, or even a limerick- but David Stark deserves a tome’s worth of tributes. If you haven’t seen his incredible art before, check out a few inspiring images below. It’s so very moving to see someone transcend the title of “event planner” like he does. Conceptually, he thinks so far outside the box as to define thinking outside the box, really. Drool a little with me . . . and may he push you to grow, think, conceptualize, and dream.

Buy his books here and visit David’s Stark’s fabulous website here.

These are all paint cans, I kid you not. How chic?!

We sheer tents beautifully on a very regular basis – but this? This is magical.

Those are all paint chips- or Pantone color chips. I love the use of something so mundane turned on its head.

This wood wall rocks my world.

The power of candlelight . . .

A stunning bouquet . . . love me some ranunculus.

Who inspires you?