Southern Weddings Magazine, V3: The Danwins

A Bryan Photo

It’s common knowledge among our clients that once we are officially booked, our first (and v. important) task at hand is to bequeath them their Brangelina name. No seriously. When we first met Emily Daniel and Monty Cagwin, it became pointedly clear that their combo name would be “Les Danwins” (when they’re all gussied up) and “The Danwins” (when being referenced casually).

It’s officially the first anniversary weekend of The Danwins, and we can’t believe how time flies. Their November 2009 nuptials were so magical and filled with so many memories, it’s hard to recount. Check out the Southern Weddings Magazine spread on their big day.

For us, we were given total creative license and 100% trust, which made our job an absolute blast from a design, production, and enjoyment aspect. Plus, as we always do with our clients, we found lifelong friends in Em + Mont. So from Chucktown to Beantown, cheers y’all- we miss you! Can’t wait to see you in December . . .