5 Couch Stuffers

My family does stockings and presents under the tree- fairly traditional, no? You know the drill- stocking stuffers and some gifts are from Santa, some are from Mom, Dad, sisters, bros, etc. But my fam also does couch stuffers- don’t be jealous. It’s really the matriarch of our clan, my eldest sister Lisa, who started it (you started it!!) and now it’s a freight train that can’t be stopped. Concept being, the couch is littered with darling little goodies that simply can’t fit into the burgeoning stockings but maybe don’t need a serious wrap-job.

Here are 5 fun couch stuffer ideas for you and yours this year!

Eco Tea-Lovers’ Cup from Stashtea.com

Vita Fede “Albi” Cuff

Rebecca Minkoff cosmetics trio via Saks

White + Warren cashmere fingerless gloves, perf for texting

Tervis ice bucket- indispensable for holiday drop-ins