Hot or Not: the Send-Off

There are first impressions, and there are last impressions.


{A Bryan Photo}

Come up with a clever send-off, like we did for Emily and Monty. Remember these poofs from kindergarten? Yeah, us too. If only I had images of me + a headlamp + a shop vac + drunken King Street revelers’ reactions. Y’all only ever see the pretty stuff!

{A Bryan Photo}

What a darling, dynamic picture to show your grandkids one day!


Leaving your guests with what’s sure to be a future dry cleaning bill for their ensembles and burning contacts? Not cool. But at least you’ll still smell like soap on your Vegas honeymoon.


  1. Liz

    What a fun idea! I am getting married at a place that has a ton of restrictions – no sparklers, rose petals, rice etc. Where did you find these?

    • Calder Clark Designs

      Hey Liz! Well thanks!

      Additional tips:
      Definitely appoint a cleaner-upper.
      Don’t try to color-coordinate to your wedding’s colors- you’ll spend a fortune buying enough just to have your 2 or 3 colors.
      Mixing sizes could be fun and will eat up more space in your containers/satchels/sacks/baggies, which also is more cost-effective.
      Approximately one handful per person x .75 of your guest count should be plenty to cover end-of-night revelers.

      1.) Clear boxes:
      2.) Stickers:
      3.) Poofs: (they call them “pom poms”.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Stephanie

    Emily & Monte’s little confetti puff balls were the most adorably amazing and fun wedding detail I’ve ever seen. I not only bookmarked the photo of their exit last year, but forwarded it to everyone I know with the subject line (!!#&!!!!!%!!!!)

    Can you tell I’m stalking your blog today? XO

    • Calder Clark Designs

      Well that’s choice, since i’m stalking your blog today too. Great minds . . . ?