Hot or Not : Finger Feet


{A Bryan Photo}

Keepin’ it simple. A buff pedicure in peach, pale pink, something neutral.


{image by Caroline Ghetes}

Your finger feet. Are you trying to convey that you’ve grown your toenails out? Check. Do you want me to think you’re proud of the excess? Check. Do you aim to highlight that at any minute, they might physically start to curl downward like some Guinness-Book-of-World-Records longest toenail stunt? Check. Ain’t nothing French about this pedicure, honey.


  1. shira

    so true. finger feet are one of the most disturbing things. french manicures, sure. french pedis? no thank you.

  2. E. Lee

    i’ll say it again, amen. not sure where this trend came from but i have been really surprised in the past who thought “finger feet” were okay?! particularly on their wedding day.