In the Spotlight : A Bryan Photo

If you could shoot a wedding anywhere in the world, where would it be?
It would be in London. Or in the English countryside, perhaps at Berrington Hall.
What’s the one thing you wish you could say outright to every bride, but you feel like you can’t, out of decorum + propriety?
Your wedding day is going to be like a mighty wave.  If you try and control its every move, it will knock you on your butt and ultimately frustrate you and every person involved.  Or you can ride that wonderful wave by trusting the intuition of the lovely professionals you hired to make the day great.  Most of my favorite moments from a wedding day weren’t planned.  A little spontaneity can go a long way.
What’s your take on the controversial “First Peek”, where the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony?
We believe you get dressed for your wedding, not for a glorified photo session.  Yet this is how the majority of modern weddings feel.  The modern bride and groom are encouraged to have a “first look” and get their pictures out of the way.  The result is images that look staged and feel forced. We believe there is an appropriate time for our photographers to be assertive and directional, but we prefer to let an event genuinely unfold. Because we strive to take images that look and feel effortless, our couples rarely see each other prior to the wedding ceremony. The emotional catharsis that occurs during a ceremony creates less self-aware subjects and, in turn, natural photographs. The primary concern most couples have with this concept is timing. They don’t want their guests waiting a long time for families to finish taking photos. We need approximately 20 minutes for pictures after the ceremony, assuring that no time is lost at their reception.
Three words (or a phrase) that epitomize your style: fill in the blanks.
Classic, Effortless, Heirloom

No wedding is complete without . . .
A polaroid book!  We use these small handmade books from Cypress and put 4 one-of-a-kind polaroids (actually Fuji brand) in them.  We hand it to the couple as their car door is closing post-reception.


  1. Neillie Butler

    No one can say it better than Bryan Johnson! He is the master behind the camera and I love working with him and his crew. Thanks for sharing Calder.

  2. sarah g

    zomg LOVE! i feel the same way about first looks (which is why we’re not doing one at our upcoming wedding), but i was starting to feel like the only one! validation is sweet 🙂