In the Spotlight : Magda Pelzer of Vieuxtemps

Meet Madame Magda of Vieuxtemps . . . one of my favorite locals and someone who is generous to the core and totally fabulous. This is the gal who whips out her heirloom sterling for a picnic in the park because, why not? Her every day is spent dabbling in Herend, Limoges, Juliska, Yeoward- we should all be so lucky!

Enjoy the scoop below . .

A few quick bits about you, your business, your inherent you-ness:

MP: I fell into the china business somewhat by accident! My mother and I had a small shop up the street from the old Brittain’s. When I got the news that the family-run business was retiring, we immediately approached them and decided to take over. Brittain’s was run by a mother/daughter team so the transition was easy. We strive to continue to run the traditional Bridal registry that Brittain’s was for almost 25 years.

Where are you from originally?

MP: Columbus, GA

Your best friend is coming to Charleston to visit for the first time. Where would you take him/her to:

eat: MP: Fig, of course!

drink: MP: Bin 152.

sight-see: MP: An evening bike ride around our beautiful city

Your ideal Saturday afternoon is spent . . .

MP: Out on the boat with my husband and my three year-old little boy.

What is your ideal party setting- location, timing, meal style, influence, etc? If you could have any party anywhere at any time, what would it be like?

MP: A gathering of 20-30 people in late October, on a bluff overlooking one of Charleston’s beautiful waterways. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres passed at sunset . . . everyone is seated at a long table lit with candles. Dinner would consist of many courses so conversation would linger late into the evening . . .

What’s just one thing that sets you apart from your peers/other retail stores? Don’t be bashful!

MP: Many reasons, mainly that we have the most complete selection of fine china in the region. Also our thoughtful selection of wordly home accessories and gifts appeal to all styles and tastes.

What’s one fun/weird/crazy thing we wouldn’t know about you?

MP: I’m in my mid-thirties and I still prank call!!

Hollywood calls and they’re going to make a movie of your life. What’s your opening musical score?

“Side of the Road” by Lucinda Williams

What’s the most rewarding thing about your business?

MP: Helping customers make choices they will always be thrilled with. (Truthfully- it’s the buying side! No one will ever know how many different sets of china I actually have.)

No day-in-the-life-of-you is complete without . . .

A smile and a hug from my little boy and a morning kiss from my husband.