8 favorite kids’ wedding table ideas

Kids’ wedding table ideas are a darling way to keep the wee ones occupied while your guests mingle + nosh. We simply adore having children at weddings, and think it adds a sweet element to your memories of the day- plus, aren’t weddings all about family, anyway? Little wedding guests should be considered with the same care + level of hospitality extended to adults, but pint-size it for maximum impact.

Top tips for creating knockout kids’ wedding tables:

1. Lure them in:

A colorful table with whimsy + treats will lure them in and keep them sane for at least, well, 15 minutes. Verticality is big- puffed cotton candy cones, curling silly straws, sky-high lollipop centerpieces, and even live goldfish (yep, I did it) can draw them in + get them excited to park their backsides tableside and engage.

2. Seat them in style:

If the children range from 3 to 12, consider a regular-sized table with adult-sized chairs and a tabletop full of fun. If they are all ages 2-5, say, consider a kid-sized table + shorter chairs or stool from either your local rental company, World Market, or Target. While the picnic blanket tea party makes for a darling editorial, it’s not advisable for a real wedding scenario.

2. Keep ’em busy: 

You know the drill- washable crayons, washable markers, and chalk are your art tool “friends”- most children in my world (including my two!) will draw + doodle for a looooong time. Activity kits are all the rage + the way to go if you want to step it up a notch: they entail a pre-packaged picnic basket or mini tin suitcase filled with goodies + double as a parting favor. Temporary tatoos, stickers, glow-in-the-dark anything, sunglasses, Dollar Store etch-a-sketches, and simple helium or non-helium balloons are just a handful of ideas to include in a stylized way at the table. Consider a color theme that looks analogous to your elegant tables + follow the bouncing ball. Literally.

3. Make it easy on the mamas: 

Lollipops, jawbreakers, bubblegum, and sour candies are a bit of a risk factor with choking, age range issues, and general nastiness. Choose unwrapped candies to cut down on “table trash” and on children needing help opening a dang Tootsie Roll for cryin’ out loud. Hire a few fabulous sitters and let them help corral the kiddos so the parents can cut a rug.

4. Have a “next phase” plan.  

There is a window in which this little group can stay engaged. When it closes, you’re toast. Just as guests appreciate milling from cocktails to a beautiful dinner to dancing to a late night hang, little people want the same fluidity. Gather a few iPads or snag some DVDs and a VCR and create a tent-within-a-tent, a teepee tent, or another spot within the wedding venue to lay out lovies, blankets, bottled waters. Then, let the sitters and the parents kick their feet up for just a moment.

Check out our past posts on kids’ wedding table ideas, kid-friendly activities, + children’s place settings, and more . . . or simply scoop up the ideas below for an impactful kids’ wedding table for your big day.

Kids' Activity Suitcase + Kids' Wedding Table Ideas via Brides.com + Babble.com | #kidsweddingideas | calderclark.com

Activity suitcases like this one from Brides are SO exciting to open, compact, and brilliant for quick clean-up before the above-mentioned “next phase plan”. The kids’ table from Babble on the right hits all the high notes with a simple color scheme, child-height chairs + table, scalloped gable boxes, and balloons for verticality + happy faces. Kids' Centerpieces (Trawlergirl.com) + Kids' Wedding Table Ideas via @catchmyparty | cotton candy | #kidsweddingideas | calderclark.com

You know we love us a stack of cake stands- and these pink mercury ones don’t disappoint. The Lego people could double as place cards or, as here, a fun takeaway. {via Trawler Girl} I die over the Tom Collins glasses filled to the brim with sprinkles and stuffed with cones of old school real deal cotton candy. {via Catch My Party}Kids' wedding table ideas (via @simplesong) + DIY Hopscotch via en.paperblog.com | #kidsweddingtableideas | calderclark.com

There’s nothing in design that Suann Song of Simplesong can’t nail – like this darling table she created for her son Jaden’s party. The kraft-hued everything sets a color scheme, and the details (the wishbones! the twiggy pencils!) are too cute. I couldn’t resist including the DIY hopscotch via Paperblog on the right- how easy + simple to set up in the corner of your fabby tented party or somewhere in a garden on your venue property, yes? Chalkboard Kids' Table via @britmorin + Kids' Table setting via @projectwedding | #kidsweddingtableideas | calderclark.com

I’m here to tell you that chalkboard paint is your friend. If you still feel like blackballing it from your crafting toolkit, you can easily pick up chalkboard cloth to make a road-themed or school-themed table top in a jiffy. {via Brit.co} The plastic beach buckets filled with snacks + the wheatgrass centerpieces are to-die-for cute for kids’ wedding tables for any coastal wedding. {via Project Wedding}