a jaunt to the big easy

It’s about time I made the trek to NOLA, considering it’s the French sister city to Charleston, a foodie paradise, home to grand fêtes + weddings alike, and a cultural experience that (apparently) stands alone.

a bryan photo new orleans

{a bryan photo}

This getaway promises to be more about champagne, po-boys, + live jazz than cucumber water + Enya, which is totes fine by me. Do you ever just need that inspirational kick-in-the-breetches? I’m thinking a good stroll up and down Magazine Street (Leontine Linens, here I come!) is just the fix.

On the roster is Pêche, the much-lauded nosh spot from a childhood friend + James Beard recipient Ryan Prewitt.

Pêche New Orleans

{Paul Costello}

I’m a sucker for sourcing new craft cocktails for our clients, so I’ll be pillaging ideas from Napoleon House.

Napoleon House New Orleans

{John W. Schulze}

There will definitely be a late night trip to Snug Harbor, with high hopes of Trombone Shorty just, ya know, walking in the door for a quick sesh . . . all to be followed by the requisite next morning’s saving grace of Café du Monde.

beignets from Café du Monde, New Orleans

{Lushes Food}

We’ll squeeze in a little culture with a visit to St. Louis Cemetery + Preservation Hall . . .

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

 {Flying SunCruiser}

. . . followed shortly thereafter by some wallet damage at everything from Malachite to Perch to Sucré.

Sucré New Orleans


Although no stranger to a second line at our weddings, I’d love to catch one when I’m not bleary-eyed from an 2 week install.

a bryan photo second line

{a bryan photo}

We’ll break out the stilettos for Restaurant August, if only because I’ve been obsessed with John Besh since sampling his food at the Garden & Gun party held her for his most recent book, Cooking from the Heart.

john besh cooking from the heart

Bring on the beignets, people.

bows for your beaux

I have, admittedly, a well-documented obsession with bows. I also have, blessedly, a fabulous beau who can rock a bow tie with the best of ‘em, which is just plain unabashedly South’un.

When a fabulous at-home-try-on box from High Cotton Ties appeared on our studio steps, I knew I liked Judy Hill straightaway. For starters, her story is great. (Germaphobes unite!) Secondly, she must have sensed that we wedding designers have a James-Bond-like aptitude for tying the expert bow tie in 5 seconds flat x 19 groomsmen with cocktail in hand. K, maybe sans cocktail, but we’re still bow-tying-ninjas. Bonus point: they’re Carolinians too. Secondary bonus point: Judy’s really lovely + put-together, and you just kinda want her to be your automatic pseudo-aunt or something along those lines, stat.

Groomsmen + dapper gents, please partake . . . they’re like candy for your neck. Thanks for sharing, Judy!

high cotton bowties