Beautiful calligraphy spotlight : paperglaze

We’re suckers for beautiful calligraphy, but who isn’t? It’s rare that we have a client who doesn’t join forces with us and already have a paperlust that can’t be quenched. Takes one to know one. Paperglaze is just one of the latest lovely hand-letterers we’ve discovered, and she’s so fun to follow on Instagram.

Lest you didn’t know, calligraphy is far harder and more nuanced than it seems. These artists work like architects at a slanted desk space, painstakingly bent over their paperie for hours on end. They’re not curled up on the couch churning them out on some flat-surfaced lap desk, my friends. To boot, fine art calligraphers are mixing and melding their own whimsical paint colors to achieve those perfectly opaque, mercurially beautiful colors you see deployed throughout lovely wedding stationery suites all over the world. It is an ancient art that (thankfully) still thrives today. Remember too that the world is flat- if you fall in love with a West Coast calligrapher and happen to live in central Maine, it has no bearing on your selection for your wedding stationery calligraphy- you can easily tap your favorite calligrapher and use trusty Fed Ex to ship back and forth as need be . . . . so follow your instincts and book whom you love!

Linger over these phenomenal hand calligraphy bits below, and check out the Written Word as well if you missed our exposé on her art!

beautiful calligraphy beautiful calligraphy beautiful calligraphy beautiful calligraphybeautiful calligraphy beautiful calligraphy beautiful calligraphy beautiful calligraphy

Copper wedding details : cuckoo for copper

Copper wedding details are *so* on point for 2015/2016, but never you fear- they are timeless too. Think of all the fabby French kitchens just filled to the brim with gleaming copper pans, knobs, fobs, and the like. My childhood home was filled with hammered, burnished, gleaming, and muddied copper details throughout Mom’s cookware and tableware, and who doesn’t love a solid copper Moscow mule mug? One of our favorite copper weddings (with seafoam accents- yummmm) was featured in UnVeiled, and I still think back fondly on the hammered copper bar fronts, patinated copper bourbon bar, copper place card name placards, and more. Below, we rounded up the latest little copper details + nuances you can deploy to add a tasteful metallic moment into your big day.

copper wedding stationery

Expert tip: style your stationery suite on a gorgeous mottled copper tray. via 100 Layer Cake

calligraphy copper name cards

This is a little snap of a much larger vertical custom escort card board we designed and had produced by our floral team, Blossoms. Elizabeth Porcher Jones produced the calligraphy, and we had Blossoms hand-cut and patinated each copper card, then nail them into the board with tiny copper carpet tacks. Voilà!

copper containers for wedding flowers

Loving this copper container for soft blush blooms and the massed baby’s breath in a hammered gardening container totally works as aisle decor. via Fab Mood/Rock My Wedding

copper hair piece

This delicate leafy copper hair piece is so fresh + different from the bedazzled junque we see so often. via This Love of Yours

copper wax seal

Nothing beats a wax seal, and this copper wax seal is no exception. via Sylvie Gil

hammered copper place card names

At our estate table, we ribbon tied handmade hammered patinated copper place card placards to the backs of the chairs. via A Bryan Photo

copper escort cards

This copper escort card display is lovely + different, and we love the use of shutters. via Coco + Kelley

copper striped cake

You know we LOVE a stripe . . . this copper striped cake from Style Me Pretty is spot on.

gorgeous copper containers

Nothing beats a vignette of slightly boho flowers in coordinated copper containers. via Green Wedding Shoes

moscow mule mugs


And just to whet your palate- you can’t beat an engraved copper moscow mule mug replete with icy gingery cocktail this summer. via



Beautiful ring dish round-up

Your fabby new sparkler deserves a happy home- whether it’s a Mrs. Box or one of these beautiful ring dishes we’ve rounded up for you. We’re obsessed with the concept of a lovely vanity laden with artfully-arranged baubles and fragrances. How you arrange your jewels allows for easy grab-and-go, and these dishes below are no exception.

Side note + sparkler care: I have a Mama and a bevy of sisters who not only worked in the jewelry biz but have maje collections, so heed the wisdom:

1. Don’t wear your rings for housework, yard work, to the beach, or to the pool. Let those babies rest. Diamonds are actually a lot softer than you think, as per my buddies at Croghan’s– and prong-set stones can tee up some trouble as well.

2. Don’t sleep or shower in your jewelry- it’s bound to fade, etch, crack, and more over time with all that wear + tear.

3. Pick your go-to spot (like a ring dish or velvet-lined drawer) where you always drop your sparkly things before diving into something else- that way you’re sure not to lose them.

4. If you have white-gold in your band(s), did you know you can re-rhodium-plate them annually for renewed shine whilst getting a routine steam clean + prong check? Fun fact.

colorful marbleized ring dish

These marbleized ring dishes are so Kelly Wearstler-ish and fab, and you can either DIY them or snag them on Etsy.

handmade ring dish gold edge

I know- aren’t these Suite One Studio ring dishes just beyond? You need one in every color. You do.

gold edged ring dishes

Yeah, I couldn’t resist. I knew you’d want to see the tops of these bad boys.

bohemian wishbone ring holderI love a little wishbone for good luck- especially a gold one! This Dot & Bo ring dish could hold quite a few rings and bracelets too.

handmade pottery ring dishes

I had to represent, with this pressed patterned ceramic ring dish from Handmade Studio TN. Go vols!

Microchip cookies – great parting favor idea

Microchip cookies from JK Chocolate are not only my new addiction, but they’re our new parting favor goodie-slash-welcome bag addition as well. I first came across them in Bon Appétit, then Anayis snagged me the pillbox version (see below) as a hilarious birthday gift on an über-tough week when I really needed a cocktail valium sweet treat to survive. Let’s just say I popped all those “pills” in one afternoon- oops. Literally they take one chocolate chip, dip it in dough, and bake it- it tastes like an entire chocolate chip cookie in morsel size- tinier than a dime. I die.

Here’s our take on parting favors: guests don’t really want anything with your name + wedding date on it, do they? Please- this isn’t a golf tourney where people need something commemorative. Edibles always rule- and we’ve done it all . . . mini donuts, specialty popcorn, fabulous bottles of wine, macarons out our ears- so it’s high time a little microchip cookie made it to the tip-top of the heap. We love mixing high + low in design, so why not mix high + low in food surcees? Chocolate-y pipsqueaks for the win.

great parting favor ideasJust look at the size of him. He must be negative calories because he’s so small.

great parting favor cookie idea

Please die over the pill box dispenser concept- adorable for a sick friend or maybe a physician groom or bride?

great parting favor concepts

I hope this child has good hand-eye coordination . . . and that he’s aiming for me.

adorable parting favor edibles

You guessed it- they come in an abundance of yum flavors.