Adios, El Bulli

New momdom has crushed me- I always rejected the “1 is 1 and 2 is 10” theory on children, but it turns out it’s terribly true! One of the many things to go by the wayside (besides my waistline and my sanity) has been the one or two shows I enjoyed by DVR. I don’t know when I ever watched TV when Camp was a tiny guy, but now it’s virtually impossible with Walnut. Fine- I should be reading a book anyway. BUT! I did catch Anthony Bourdain’s Travel Channel special on a farewell to El Bulli, a restaurant considered one of (if not the) finest in the world. In a business hyper-focused on fine cuisine, I was enthralled.

Check this out:

That’s a Gorgonzola egg. I wish you could see the scale- it was at least a foot tall and four men gathered to break off shards of it and eat it. What?!?

And this:

Yeah- those are salted peanut corn snow wafers. Isn’t that what you made last night for your usual Sunday supper club? Bet not.

Ferran Adria elevated cuisine to a science- a chemical gastronomy the likes of which I’ve personally never seen and (sadly) now will not get to witness. He’s opening an Institute (when you conquer the food world, I guess you move on to something else?!) and only the chicest of chefs will get to apply and absorb his fabulosity.

Hoping his artistry and cleverness rubs off on all of us today . . . and a pertinent reminder, via my Dad: if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life.