Al Fresco Arbors

We so often find ourselves in the middle of a gorgeous field, on the banks of some lazy river, under a canopy of oaks, or on a spotless bentgrass lawn with nothing but imagination to fuel a magical altar design. The blank slate is a favorite- where the structure + its architecture are completely up to yours truly. It’s definitely a challenge to create arbors and altars that don’t seem contrived or downright out of place, and abundant blooms are the key. Here we’ve shared just a few drop dead stunning ways to frame that sweet first kiss.

floral wedding arbors arches 1

{Love, the Nelsons + Hey Gorgeous/Rachel Clingen}floral wedding arbors arches 2{Once Wed/Loft Photographie}floral wedding arbors arches 3{Christian Oth/Jen Huang}floral wedding arbors arches 4{John Dolan + Lewis Miller/The Nichols}floral wedding arbors arches 5{José Villa/Ariella Chezar}floral wedding arbors arches 6{no source/intimate weddings}floral wedding arbors arches 7{Carlie Statsky + Christine Cater/Braedon Flynn}