Beautiful calligraphy spotlight : paperglaze

We’re suckers for beautiful calligraphy, but who isn’t? It’s rare that we have a client who doesn’t join forces with us and already have a paperlust that can’t be quenched. Takes one to know one. Paperglaze is just one of the latest lovely hand-letterers we’ve discovered, and she’s so fun to follow on Instagram.

Lest you didn’t know, calligraphy is far harder and more nuanced than it seems. These artists work like architects at a slanted desk space, painstakingly bent over their paperie for hours on end. They’re not curled up on the couch churning them out on some flat-surfaced lap desk, my friends. To boot, fine art calligraphers are mixing and melding their own whimsical paint colors to achieve those perfectly opaque, mercurially beautiful colors you see deployed throughout lovely wedding stationery suites all over the world. It is an ancient art that (thankfully) still thrives today. Remember too that the world is flat- if you fall in love with a West Coast calligrapher and happen to live in central Maine, it has no bearing on your selection for your wedding stationery calligraphy- you can easily tap your favorite calligrapher and use trusty Fed Ex to ship back and forth as need be . . . . so follow your instincts and book whom you love!

Linger over these phenomenal hand calligraphy bits below, and check out the Written Word as well if you missed our exposé on her art!

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  1. Shannan

    Your site is beautiful, Calder. And I’m honored to have been highlighted on your blog. Let me know if you ever want to collaborate on any projects together! You are one talented lady!

  2. Calder Clark

    Thanks, Shannan- same to you!! We’re big fans of your work- let’s do something together soon!