blanc on blanc

Die a little bit.

all white dinner party

Have you ever stumbled across snaps from this amazing party? It started in gaie Paree, many moons ago. Finally, it’s winded its way to Charleston.

Parisian diner en blanc dinner party

The dress code: blanc on blanc, m’dears.

The sustenance: BYOCP. Bring your own chic picnic, of course.

The reason: because life is short and why not?

The catch: the location is top secret until the day of!

diner en blanc

Will Charlestonians give Parisians a run for their $$, style-wise? Methinks yes.

Also, our buildings are old + cool too, y’all. Hampton Park? Middle of King Street? Four Corners of Law? Your guess is as good as mine.

Sparklers at Diner en Blanc

Sis boom bah- yay for sparklers! Snag your tickets now by clicking here. The fête is on Thursday, October 15 from 6 pm to 10 pm. Having FOMO? I know, I know. We can’t go because we have a big doozie elsewhere, but sip some bubbly for us! You can follow along at DEB’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Salut!