Weddings Unveiled Spring 2013- featured!

Oh happy day to have the latest Weddings Unveiled hit our studio steps! It’s a huge blessing to have our work featured in their latest issue, surrounded by other gorgeousness from industry friends plus fabulous things from the ladies at WUV, too. This special day took on a classic prepster vibe, which we always have a bunch of fun doing- and it fit Emily + Wes to a T. It poured until right as guests started to arrive, when an amazing sunset poured into the sky and the clouds lifted. (We ordered that one up, too- ha!) Enjoy the goodness!

{Gayle Brooker}


how apt

It’s only fitting I’d fall for the most obscure pottery- swirling and marbled and magnifique and deliciously French. Thumbing through old Dominos c/o my amazing friend (and talented photog) Charlotte, I happened across a weensy little article on aptware and dug up a few fine examples for y’all . . . all of which are have-able only via 1st dibs, because really, where else?

Characterized by the colors of its native soil, aptware is spun in Provence, mainly in Apt but also apparently in little towns like Le Castellet.

I love the earth tones we pulled as inspiration- all husky and equestrian, clay-inspired and really European. I can see it all paired with burnished brass or vintage pewter. Hmm, where to use? that horse head- only $6800!? (ha)


hot or not : app smorgasbord



über-thoughtful hors d’oeuvres displayed exquisitely and alone (by type) so that they stand strong on their own


biggest foodie pet peeve: jumbled hors d’oeuvres tossed willy-nilly (or even neatly lined up) with each other- like wee summer campers on their first day forced into some aggressive game of red rover, red rover