hot or not : the couch dress

What’s hot:

Christian Oth/Shawn Connell La Loire Valley bride

A Loire Valley bride in repose, as shot by the fabulous Shawn Connell for Christian Oth. I don’t mind her theatrics or the from-another-time richness of her gown; it’s pure fashion and pure fun, so why not?

What’s not:

The Pantalaine Couch Dress

So my bff Becky sent me this high-larious pic, and I first thought: “It’s already hot-or-not fodder because it says couch, not sofa.” Wannabe interior design speak snobbery aside, this picture is proof that pictures are still worth 1000 words. Or at least worth $349? Further commentary:

1. If a custom fitting is “included”, can one also select patterns + yarns? I’d love to weave a burgundy or mauve in there, and chevron is soooo 2010.

2. Could I customize mine with a cap sleeve? I just can’t rock a bare arm like this gal.

3. Do I spy a snippet of the arm of “Stinky”, our 9′ Goodwill sofa from college, resurrected for this “photo shoot”? How’d they track that down?! I want it back.

give thanks – in style

Here’s what I’m thinking for a potential Thanksgiving ensemble . . . of course you can supplement your existing aztec/camo/on-point scarves, any ankle boots, good dark skinny jeans, tortoise sunnies, and chunky gold baubles where need be, natch!

what to wear for Thanksgiving 2013



Toss the Bouquet Chicago – Reflections

I’m still curled up at the W in the “Windy City”, excited to fly home to my babies tonight but marinating in the joy that was being a part of this great collaboration. I missed seeing a few amazing former and present clients (love you, M.E.!) and my voice sounds like Katherine Hepburn with a stoma, but at least I’m still laughing over stories from last night’s dinner at Dillman’s with Kevin Weinstein, Debbie Geller, and Liene Stevens.

There’s something very Dead Poets Society about the exchange of ideas, hopes, and dreams at a boutique event such as this. One minute, you’re the teacher, the expert- expounding on topics like mine (blurred lines between designers and planners). The next minute, you’re the student, the grateful recipient- drinking in the wisdom of peers and new friends alike.

I truly enjoyed the intellectual takeaways from my fellows speakers at the inaugural Toss the Bouquet – Educate. Exchange. Elevate. :

Toss the Bouquet 2013 Speaker PanelI could elaborate, but it’s impossible to summarize. It’s best that you sign up for the next fantastic gathering hatched by Beth Bernstein of SQN Events! Beth’s private dinner at Sepia was not your normal Sunday night nosh- it was absolutely exquisite. I’d like to thank the über-generous sponsors: Art of Imagination, Carasco Photography, Courtney Callahan, Hello Darling, Private Label Linens, and the W City Center. Finally, sending a shout-out to new gal pals Kristina Taheri, Christine Noelle, Emily Vandevender, Whitney Harris, Shannon Braniff, Lauren Housley, and Alexandra Jusino, all of whom went out of their way to chat me up, squeeze a shoulder, gossip (kindly!) over champers, and connect in a meaningful way.