lighting lust

Charleston’s so chock full of talent, it’s overwhelming sometimes. Forget that a new hot restaurant pops up weekly . . . . a major craftsman explodes on the art + interiors scenes just as often. I’ve always followed Ann Yancy Rogers’ rise to stardom, having heard about her talent via my stylish buddy Haskell. I literally had my own mini Design Star-ish challenge this past Sunday when I raided my warehouse and scraped our entire living room in a fit over how blech/handmedownish it was looking. Now I’m in a painful chandie-less place in my living room and have my eye on about 99 of Ro-sham-beaux‘s beautimous creations. Sooo- help me pick?


I have a hankering, and it won’t come cheaply. Just discovered Ross Sveback‘s incredible line of faux bois tabletop, and can’t wait to show to one of my Fall girls! Can’t you just SEE these chargers at viking tables in an all-candlelit enclave in North Carolina? Dreamy.