fragrant floral crowns

There is something really Victorian and old world about a delicate floral crown, and they aren’t just for the wee ones! I would eschew the overly heavy boho version, you know the one- it’s perched messily atop a Lord-of-the-Rings-ish model who is lying in a field of heather for a Vogue shoot? That’s not going to translate well on your big day. A little asymmetry, a delicacy without its being too infantile, no ribbon but a little greenery- these are all good things.

floral crowns, bridal headpieces

The simplicity of whites + greens is always welcome, and well, yeah- her gown is just stunning. I also die over the one-sided woven floral partial piece; very Kirsten Dunst/Sofia Coppola.floral crowns, bridal headpieces

So this one’s a little saturated, and I love how it’s grounded + centered at the back of her half-up/half-down situation. The rosemary napkin rings could easily be rosemary hair wreaths I think, and are beyond sweet in their simplicity.

floral crowns, bridal headpieces

For the littlest ladies, you can’t beat the original: the oft-overlooked, oft-knocked baby’s breath. When it’s used mono-botanically like this, it’s very English garden and lovely. The other one just stabs me, too- perhaps it’s the blue/gray tones with a wisp of pink astilbe? It’s exquisite.

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Smitten Heavy Metal, Issue 9 – featured!

Get thee to iTunes for your see-touch-feel bound version of this beautiful online + in-print magazine, STAT. Becky Hoppmann is the brains and beauty behind this industry heavy-hitter, and its latest issue is a testament to her intense editorial prowess and masterful curation. As we’ve all watched the wedding niche of the publishing industry dwindle to a precious few, Smitten has emerged as a pack leader and staunch reminder that the majority of us still feel print resonates with us more than web. Am I right or am I right?

We were blessed to be tapped by the Smitten team to cull tidbits from all over for the Heavy Metal look- can you say gold studded cake anyone? Actually- maybe a nailhead cake is in my future. We turned to industry faves to collab and there you have it- a little glitter, a little rock ‘n’ roll. Check it out below and click here for more!

Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy Metal Smitten Mag Issue 9 Heavy MetalBam. And you thought I couldn’t do rock ‘n’ roll? (wink)

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Happy anni to Paige + Stodd!

Miss L.A. met Mr. ME in NYC and got married in TN- isn’t that grand? If they weren’t so incredibly beautiful inside and out, you’d have to hate ‘em. I can honestly say that I couldn’t walk anywhere at this wedding without bumping into the most gregarious people- all chattering about the ambiance, the couple, the magic in the air . . . it was just one of those weekends where everything gels and you realize once again that love is alive, that you were (blessedly) born to do this, and – oh yeah- that Blackberry Farm is truly Heaven on Earth.

Happy anniversary, y’all!

p.s. I will never hear Wagon Wheel and think Old Crow again . . . only of Stodd at the Yallarhammer in his a capella glory.

p.p.s. Please check out more from their amazing weekend in our feature in Flower Magazine . . .


Paige + Stodd at Blackberry Farm{A Bryan Photo}