Catching Snowflakes

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I’m grateful for so many things that it would give me carpal tunnel to type them up, so I’ll keep it simple: I’m grateful for the little things (tiny people trying to catch snowflakes on their tongues for the first time) and the big things (an amazing Lord who gave me this joyful life). Stay toasty!


Chic. Chic-Er. Chic-Est.

Über-chic gold place card holders for your holiday tabletop spread! Dig the fish cuz we’re on the coast, so we’re – like – allowed to have them. Loving the pineapple because it’s the symbol of Southern hospitality, duh. Buuut- of course the chinoiserie pagoda situation rocks my world, especially if paired with burnt orange calligraphy on super thick stock with a coordinating dipped edge. Just sayin’.

chic place card holders from Gracious Style



At Second Blush

Blush and bashful are still all the rage, with hints of gold for that Midas touch. While I’m loving the oxblood nail, gray moto denim, ocelot pony everything and leather accents abounding in Fall fashion, it’s a breath of fresh air to be knee-deep in next season’s design palette. From apricot to salmon, from ballet pink to hibiscus- it’s all still welcome on our storyboards!

blush weddings 1 blush weddings 3 blush weddings 4 blush weddings 5 blush weddings 6 blush weddings 7 blush weddings 2{‘maids/canopy/kate/florals/passementerie/cake/flamingoes/veil/curtains/floral crown/table setting/departure dress/pink bar/more ‘maids}


Hot Or Not : The Couch Dress

What’s hot:

Christian Oth/Shawn Connell La Loire Valley bride

A Loire Valley bride in repose, as shot by the fabulous Shawn Connell for Christian Oth. I don’t mind her theatrics or the from-another-time richness of her gown; it’s pure fashion and pure fun, so why not?

What’s not:

The Pantalaine Couch Dress

So my bff Becky sent me this high-larious pic, and I first thought: “It’s already hot-or-not fodder because it says couch, not sofa.” Wannabe interior design speak snobbery aside, this picture is proof that pictures are still worth 1000 words. Or at least worth $349? Further commentary:

1. If a custom fitting is “included”, can one also select patterns + yarns? I’d love to weave a burgundy or mauve in there, and chevron is soooo 2010.

2. Could I customize mine with a cap sleeve? I just can’t rock a bare arm like this gal.

3. Do I spy a snippet of the arm of “Stinky”, our 9′ Goodwill sofa from college, resurrected for this “photo shoot”? How’d they track that down?! I want it back.