spade’s saturday

Can.not.wait. Can you? Launching this Spring, Saturday is the new “lesser” line from Kate Spade. Will be fascinating to see if it gives J. Crew a run for its money, or who is direct competition. Love all the punchy brights, etc, and I keep wondering how they got that url? Pretty awesome.

indian weddings tidbits

Totes flattered to have an additional little spread in the latest issue of Charleston Weddings Magazine, wanted to share below! Charleston Area Wedding Planners Association gets together quarterly to educate, network, and gab amongst ourselves, and I was asked to speak on Indian weddings and all their inherent culture + color. It was a huge honor, as I was sharing ideas and knowledge with an already vastly bright gaggle of peeps . . . not to mention that all the folks who pulled off our designs made it a great looking luncheon to attend!

 Blossoms designed the stunning centerpieces, Onawa hand-blocked our table toppers, Anne Melvin baked a fabu cake, Snyder rented us all the great basics we needed, Harborside East kindly lent the venue, Dulles Designs produced beautiful invitations + menus + more, and of course that great-looking lamp + furniture are from us!

Charleston Weddings Spring 2013- featured!

Love is in the air . . . here comes a big Spring for Charleston, and this issue is timed to get everyone pumped for a fantastic season! Charleston is positively vibrant in the next few months- everything is a-bloom to coordinate with an about-to-burst social calendar. Charleston Weddings Magazine never disappoints with their spot-on trend watch and timeless editorials, and we’re so honored to be included. Julie and Mike Belgraier’s beautiful Runnymede wedding was one for the history books- a night of spectacular highs including killer Cru food, music from our friends Infinity Show Band, and fireworks over the Ashley. Mazeltov!

{A Bryan Photo}

moroccan madness

Choosy McChooserson. I find it super hard to pick for my amazing March bride, but something’s got to give! We’re dotting these Moroccan tea glasses throughout her Indian affair and can’t wait to see all the layers come together. Maybe I’ll shake it up a bit and use all four- there, that solves that.