twinkle lights seven ways

I remember the pre-Pinterest years, when you had to rely on magazines, a few stray blogs, personal travel, and your own general inspiration to create. After seeing the movie Big Fish, I rented it again to pause it + photograph the actual tv screen with (likely) some old point-and-shoot. Pictures in hand, I presented my monofilament string light concept to my friend Todd, and away we went . . . and I remember thinking ‘how innovative are we??’ Fast forward just a few years, and well- it makes for a bless-your-heart-how-charming story? I will always love an al fresco affair with the tiniest of twinkle lights- and here are 7 fun ways to shake it up.

twinkle lights 1

the inspiration for our first few al fresco string light weddingstwinkle lights 2au naturel in existing foliage ~ tec petaja | terrain | style me prettytwinkle lights 3a lighted ceremony ~ style me pretty | brides magazinetwinkle lights 4light-covered trees ~ style me pretty | mod weddingtwinkle lights 5livening up a tent ~ calder clark + a bryan photo | belle amour | the wedding secret twinkle lights 6classic overhead monofilament bulb lighting ~ both style me prettytwinkle lights 7go big or go home with an overhead statement ~ estate weddings + events

penned to perfection : julie song ink

Julie Song just may be the illustrator originale- the one whose work has spawned so very many hand lettering extravaganzas across the web. Based in San Fran, Julie is a master of the flourish, the soft watercolor brushstroke, the floral touches every lovely wedding stationery suite deserves. I’ve been ogling her work for a long time and am so happy to share some snaps below. Don’t miss her instagram feed- it’s bonkers, and you can click here to dress up your desktop with Julie’s watercolor art.

juliesongink 1 juliesongink 2 juliesongink 3 juliesongink 4



late night bites

There’s nothing better than a mid-dance nosh or late night nibble when you’ve been talking + tucking away the vino for hours on end. Expert tip: keep ‘em tiny (one bite only!), piping hot or perfectly chilled, and simple. A riff on a retro dessert or childhood favorite is perfectly kosher, but make sure it’s immediately recognizable and not too messy . . . that’s the art of the snag + snack! Some of our past bites are below (the elvis, hot pops, + donut lollies) and are still on heavy rotation for 2015!

late night bites 1 late night bites 2 late night bites 3 late night bites 4

the elvis | hot pops | pops-to-go | spiked cocoa | nutella donut holes | donut lollies

one to watch : teil duncan

If you know her, then you already have a girl crush. If you don’t, well- here’s your wakeup call. Teil Duncan is a local Charleston artist whose lovely studies in beaches, figures, and animals are synonymous with the hip young art scene- and they sell like hot cakes too. We tapped Teil to be part of an en plein air surprise at a June 2014 wedding of ours {click here to see more} and were thrilled to watch as guests crowded around her to see it unfurl.

Teil Duncan live painting

Our mother-of-the-bride, Jean, sharing a moment with Teil. {gayle brooker}teil2Who wouldn’t want their wedding captured as such? So jealous! {gayle brooker}

teil duncan art 1

{clear sky/beach babes silk screen}teil duncan art 2{sky figure/bull xiii}