Penned To Perfection : Julie Song Ink

Julie Song just may be the illustrator originale- the one whose work has spawned so very many hand lettering extravaganzas across the web. Based in San Fran, Julie is a master of the flourish, the soft watercolor brushstroke, the floral touches every lovely wedding stationery suite deserves. I’ve been ogling her work for a long time and am so happy to share some snaps below. Don’t miss her instagram feed– it’s bonkers, and you can click here to dress up your desktop with Julie’s watercolor art.

juliesongink 1 juliesongink 2 juliesongink 3 juliesongink 4



Late Night Bites

There’s nothing better than a mid-dance nosh or late night nibble when you’ve been talking + tucking away the vino for hours on end. Expert tip: keep ’em tiny (one bite only!), piping hot or perfectly chilled, and simple. A riff on a retro dessert or childhood favorite is perfectly kosher, but make sure it’s immediately recognizable and not too messy . . . that’s the art of the snag + snack! Some of our past bites are below (the elvis, hot pops, + donut lollies) and are still on heavy rotation for 2015!

late night bites 1 late night bites 2 late night bites 3 late night bites 4

the elvis | hot pops | pops-to-go | spiked cocoa | nutella donut holes | donut lollies

One To Watch : Teil Duncan

If you know her, then you already have a girl crush. If you don’t, well- here’s your wakeup call. Teil Duncan is a local Charleston artist whose lovely studies in beaches, figures, and animals are synonymous with the hip young art scene- and they sell like hot cakes too. We tapped Teil to be part of an en plein air surprise at a June 2014 wedding of ours {click here to see more} and were thrilled to watch as guests crowded around her to see it unfurl.

Teil Duncan live painting

Our mother-of-the-bride, Jean, sharing a moment with Teil. {gayle brooker}teil2Who wouldn’t want their wedding captured as such? So jealous! {gayle brooker}

teil duncan art 1

{clear sky/beach babes silk screen}teil duncan art 2{sky figure/bull xiii}