Southern Weddings V6 — words of wisdom!

It’s always an honor to be tapped by Southern Weddings to do anything, much less to be in such fair company. These timely pointers come from the finest of industry folk- my dear friends at Ritzy Bee, my perma-crush/dance partner Todd Fiscus, the legendary Anne Barge, the inimitable Lindsey Bierman of Southern Living, the über-talented wife (Chelsea Petaja) of one of my favorite shutterbugs (Tec Petaja), and more . . . so I thought it only fitting to drop the whole article in here for those in need of some timely advice!

Southern Weddings V6 Southern Weddings V6 Southern Weddings V6 Southern Weddings V6 Southern Weddings V6 Southern Weddings V6 Southern Weddings V6 Southern Weddings V6

Calder Clark is hiring!

We’re on the hunt for two bright young souls eager to jump feet-first into the wild world of wedding design + planning. Experience certainly has its merits, but poise, polish, and street smarts trump industry know-how every time. Who wouldn’t want to have their memories shaped by moments like this?

Blackberry Farm, A Bryan Photo, Calder Clark{A Bryan Photo}

Email with interest!


Quintessentially Fall

It wouldn’t be a Fall weekend without a raucous swing on an old carousel, funnel cake as entrée, and lots of hand-holding with sticky-fingered little towheads. Our county fair is a people-watching extravaganza; it tops any airport, hands down. I kinda can’t wait. Happy Friday to all!

vintage carousel{via}


Pointers from Parma

I know Walton would give her wee right leg for a “princess dress” like Maria Luisa of Parma’s. Can you even imagine dressing like this on a daily basis, or every so often for your regular formal portraiture? Few and far between are the couturiers left who can fashion a frock as such, and it reminds me just how yawn-worthy my wardrobe is.

I pulled four beautiful tones from this whilst working up a big presentation for a Spring bride of ours who’s calling on all dusky tones to make her affair feel like rosé, sunset on the Ashley, old world glamour, and the gentility of another time.

Maria Luisa of Parma by Mengs