Bows For Your Beaux

I have, admittedly, a well-documented obsession with bows. I also have, blessedly, a fabulous beau who can rock a bow tie with the best of ’em, which is just plain unabashedly South’un.

When a fabulous at-home-try-on box from High Cotton Ties appeared on our studio steps, I knew I liked Judy Hill straightaway. For starters, her story is great. (Germaphobes unite!) Secondly, she must have sensed that we wedding designers have a James-Bond-like aptitude for tying the expert bow tie in 5 seconds flat x 19 groomsmen with cocktail in hand. K, maybe sans cocktail, but we’re still bow-tying-ninjas. Bonus point: they’re Carolinians too. Secondary bonus point: Judy’s really lovely + put-together, and you just kinda want her to be your automatic pseudo-aunt or something along those lines, stat.

Groomsmen + dapper gents, please partake . . . they’re like candy for your neck. Thanks for sharing, Judy!

high cotton bowties


  1. Hannah Alexander

    Love this! Judy and her husband are some of my parents best friends from their UNC-Chapel Hill days. They are the most bona fide gracious and precious people. Go, Judy and High Cotton Ties!

  2. Amy Eytchison

    Just dropped by High Cotton’s world headquarters in downtown Raleigh on Friday. My bow-tie wearing men will be sporting some delicious neck candy soon. The Hills have brought a wonderful twist to a classic look.