Citrus Centric

It’s cool and foggy out here (okay, sixties!) and revisiting one of our summery affairs reminds me that it’ll be warm again in no time.

Lemons, limes, grapefruits, kumquats, clementines—you name it, we’re partial to citrus around these parts. I love how natural and lush the lemons and dark green garlands looked against the antebellum carriage house at the William Aiken. Reminds me of the famed Medici gardens and manses- citrus was a symbol of the famous Renaissance family- fun fact. Choosing citrus-focused florals (and drinks! check out the lemonade libation below) echoed the intense, saffron yellow of the main house and came off feeling old-world and yet current at the same time.






{Heather Forsythe}


  1. gdoc

    Your Mom would would swoon as she is in luv with Lemons