Classic Southern Bouquets

There is a lot to be said for what’s happening in the latest floral trends- very loose, very boho, tons of texture, so hand-gathered it looks (deceivingly) like anyone can do it. I’m all for drinking that inspo in on Instagram, but in real time design, we’re sticking to the classics. There is nothing more lovely than hand-tied Southern blooms, and what makes our brides’ bouquets so memorable is precisely that you can’t describe them as “roundy moundy” or “super loose” – just somewhere in between . . . truly natural and totally timeless. Here are a few of our favorites!

white and green bouquet, Tec Petaja photography

{tec petaja}

white pink green Southern bouquets

{harwell photography/a bryan photo}

white and green Southern bouquets

{a bryan photo/tec petaja}white pale pink green bouquet Christian Oth

{christian oth}


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