Clever ceremony send-off + parting toss ideas

I’m a sucker for a charming send-off just after a sweet ceremony. Tons of lovely little ideas can translate to a post-reception parting toss as well, and all of these concepts are a photographer’s dream. Tossing petals, flinging little metallic bits, showering with confetti, and waving ribbonerie wands all give a little pomp and pop of color to a great party. Below is a smattering of fun little send-offs to try!

metallic streamer toss

Mylar streamers in gold + silver come pre-rolled as a tiny little handheld bauble with a finger loop- fool-proof! via 100 Layer Cakefresh lavender ceremony tossNothing is more fragrant than fresh lavender in delicate little muslin sacks, which you can personalize in anyway for your post-ceremony toss. via Pressed Cotton

fall leaf ceremony toss

I fondly remember playing in piles of giant Fall leaves as a child- what’s wrong with bringing that back? via Linen Tablecloth

fresh petal toss post-ceremony

Presentation is everything. We shingled hand-calligraphed sacks of lemon verbena and ivory rose petals in scalloped wood trays for guests to nab as they were seated at one of our Ford Plantation weddings. via A Bryan Photo

beach ball ceremony toss

Super cute- wish I’d thought of it . . and so playful! Mini beach ball toss as a couple recesses found via Brides.

confetti envelope program

This little confetti-filled packet program is a genius + cute way to deliver a handful of happy to guests pre-ceremony. via Intimate Weddings

delicate bell ring ceremony toss

We’ve personally used the “ring a bell to say farewell” end-of-night departure, but I love a bright + fresh daytime bell-ringing just after a couple is wed- so symbolic and retro! via Southern Weddings

handheld confetti tosser

Who could forget the push-up pops of yore? Confetti delivery is quirky at best – but this seems like the perfect way to shower a couple with color. via Thimble Press