Cluny Craving

My mom bought my antique wedding veil in Belgium decades before I would wear it, that smart lass. I never laid eyes on it until I was engaged . . . too busy to bother digging? Too enmeshed in this business to stop and consider that such a confection laid safely in her astounding antique lace collection? I chose a simple gown to let my veil play the starring role- and star it did. I wore it all afternoon and all evening, never removing it for a flower’s simplicity. (Don’t worry, I still did my fair share of dancing!) Now that we’re about to have a baby girl, I can’t wait to break it out for her one day.

The lace obsession continues . . while sourcing some acid yellow lace for an upcoming bride’s bouquet “garnish”, I came across an old resource whose online offerings include ream after ream of gorgeous Cluny Guipure. Cluny Guipure is a French bobbin lace first made in the mid-19th century. It is called Cluny because it was inspired by examples of 16th- and 17th-century scalloped lace with geometric patterns displayed in the Cluny Museum, Paris. Cluny Guipure was made from about 1862 in Lorraine. It was also made in England (at Nottingham) and in les autres lovely spots like Bruges, Ypres, and Courtrai.

So now you’re done learnt, as we say in remote parts of the Delta! Enjoy my favorites below . . .

Which is your fave?