Doily Mania

I may be the last on the doily bandwagon. I’m definitely a lace-eyelet-punchout kinda girl, buuuuut. I went digging for some hot-or-not fodder and doilies came to mind. Whilst troubleshooting a wonky first course place setting this past weekend,  my friend Chad from Cru casually suggested a doily deployment . . . for which I smacked him upside the head. We ended up using 600+ glue dots (k, Chad- doilies woulda been easier!) just to avoid the dreaded 80s paper doily from hell rearing its ugly head on our fabulous first course at the Hibernian.

So it was much to my (pleasant) surprise when I kept stumbling across doily usage run rampant in the DIY wedding craze. Some of it is granny, but some is granny chic! Below, our faves . . .

It’s rare that we get to have a post-ceremony toss anymore. Mean old church ladies have cracked down, and brides don’t want a décolletage full of lavender, understood. Howevs, these sweet cones sure could make a great vessel for a parting toss.

{Allegria Photography, A Rather Lovely Wedding}

Love the calligraphy place card doily under a clear glass charger. That savvy Martha. The proposal-via-doily is super cute too- but what dude do you know who would make such an animal? Or, ahem- do you even want your beau to be this crafty? I digress.

{Martha Stewart Weddings, My Wedding}

Love a liner, love this liner. Die over the lacy edges to the place card by Martha, as well.

{Heather Cherie Photography, Martha Stewart Weddings}

I yawwwn at the uber constant stream of garlanded weddings out there, but this one could be cute on a going-away car. Need that pillow, want that crochet doily petal cup, and dig how someone lily-gilded those twig pencils.

{Arts Delight, Lindsey Kay Nichols, Country Living, Raemj}

Leave it to my girl Liz Demos to present a beautiful doily-filled tabletop. That tree makes me laugh- but like, it’s also cool. Those crochet doily parting favors are sweet too- as long as they were the only doily-clad thing at the party.

{Juliet Elizabeth, Knicky Knacks, Wedding Bee}

Well I wouldn’t be from Tennessee if I didn’t scrounge them up in orange, would I? The vintage Portuguese doily placemat would be awesome framed in a distressed wood shadowbox or in a tray for drinks. That wallpaper is the stuff of dreams.

{RetrosariaRua, Tampopo Press}

I saved the best for last- you know I would. WHUT is this creation, and can I have one please? K, not for $900 . . but SICK. Wish she’d done the interior cord socket in white but still! Gimme gimme gimme.

{Remade USA}


  1. Kelly ATkinson

    It has been almost 20 days since I’ve read a new posting from you and needless to say I am having Calder withdrawals!!! I hope all is well with you!!! You are very missed!