Escort Cards with a Twist

One of the highlights of our design days is to generate fresh ideas for seated dinner stationery suites- especially the escort cards (the little token that has your name and your table number on it) and place cards (the card that tells you at which seat you’ve been placed once you reach your table). Check out some of our favorites from past weddings:

This was a super fun one for us. Our couple met in NYC, so we called it our “Big Apple Escort Card Bar”- plus, it was on Halloween (bobbin’ for apples reference?) and her color scheme was yellow + gray . . . so we hand-picked hundreds of perfect yellow apples (not an easy feat) and secured them to a custom-painted board replete with calligraphy tags. Definitely a conversation piece . . .see the feature here.

{Gayle Brooker}

This was a “Field of Flowers Escort Card Bar”, where we used a 16′ long antique pedestal table on property at Blackberry Farm and loaded it down with what appeared to be a garden of wildflowers from Blackberry, filled with tiny green spears supporting escort cards. Guests totally got a kick out of the 4-5 live ladybugs perched on their cards. Fresh and fun! See the feature here . . .

{A Bryan Photo}

For this one, we had a metalworker hand-cut, age, and hammer these gorgeous copper squares. We asked one of our favorite calligraphers, Elizabeth Jones, to pen guest names on each square. Using tiny copper carpet tacks, we pinned them to a custom seafoam silk-covered board from which guests could pluck their cards. See the feature here . . .

{A Bryan Photo}

We had a ball “pickin'” and “flea-in'” and – of course – scouring eBay for these vintage skeleton keys. What kind of cool steamer trunks and treasure chests and jewelry boxes did these things once open? Who knows. I love the little kraft paper-toned bazzill chips we had penned by Elizabeth Jones for each guest. We borrowed a 250 year-old antique map of Charleston and secured it under a glass top for that extra oomph. See the feature here.

{A Bryan Photo}

Yes, we went digging through fruit bins again, this time for just the perfect limes! Emily Ayer from Southern Weddings Magazine penned these darling little flags and it made for a great little icebreaker during cocktails. See the feature here . . .

{Gayle Brooker}

It’s hard to come up with fresh ideas for making a “bed” for little cards to stay propped up in- especially on the Coast where we all get a wee bit tired of overt beachiness. I still think these papaya cards really popped against the inexpensive white shell mix, and it felt tropical without being corny. Plus- super easy!

{Banner Photography}

This one was a bit more challenging than we’d expected, though it turned out so lovely, crisp, and modern. We had lucite squares custom-cut to our specs, then used our favorite screenprinter to print them with guests’ names. It was a beautiful breezy day in Litchfield and we SO didn’t anticipate how hard it would be for folks to see their names on clear- on clear- on clear. Um, be a little blonde. Our quick fix of lemon leaves totally saved the day and added a fresh pop of green to this summer wedding. Thanks, Mother Nature. See the feature here.

{Tina Rowden}