First-time Flatware

Each time we plan a wedding, we are always thinking beyond the date of the actual nuptials, and how one particular couple or the other might use some of the stylish items we’ve selected for their celebration in their newlywed life.

Case in point: flatware. There are so many amazing designs on the market that look great at the head table at the reception, yes, but  also go the distance in the couple’s first home. Not only that, but we like to think that every time a couple picks up a spoon to stir their coffee, they think back on their wedding and how much fun it was.

Our absolute favorite look? The solid stainless steel signature flatware from Viva Terra (below).

{Viva Terra}

It’s different from most stainless steel flatware for a couple of reasons: first, it’s round, not flat, which gives it a really elegant, sturdy look. Second, it’s solid stainless steel, so every piece is super heavy. And third, instead of a straight shaft, it’s bedecked with a tiny stainless steel “button” that’s equal parts modern and traditional and won’t ever fall out of fashion.

Don’t believe us? We like the flatware so much here at CCD that both Calder and myself own sets! We practice what we preach to a fault you might say!