I’m newly a “flower meaning” snob because I just finished the all-absorbing The Language of Flowers (aka floriography) and now I want to nab a copy of A Victorian Flower Dictionary, stat. Of course I can only recall like, 10 of them . . . but it’s just more proof I’m not from the 21st century. With the exception of my love of air conditioning, I’m totally from the 1800s.

Below, just a few gorgeous blooms and their cool/surprising/sweet meanings . . . enjoy!

The camellia stands for graciousness . . so apropos since it’s a Southern bloom at heart! Easy peasy for winter brides to incorporate in their florals down here.

Who doesn’t love a fragrant magnolia, which stands for dignity? I notice mine blooming in August, but we’ve had our girls tote them as early as June.

Driving around Hana last week, we had our windows down and Jeep top off and the scent of lilac literally wafted for 10 miles of our day trip. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Lilac means first love!

Bachelor button (or cornflower) is super fluffy and cute, inexpensive, and means anticipation . . . darling.

Hardly a bouquet goes by where we don’t use ranunculus, which mean “radiant”. And what bride isn’t radiant on her big day? I love the myriad of colors these little guys offer.





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