Forget Your Waistline

Face the facts: weddings aren’t for counting calories, and that’s one of the millions of reasons we love them. So why not lily-gild with sweets? If one stunning cake (or a trio of beauties) just isn’t enough, you can design a killer sweets table by supplementing with your childhood faves or the latest craze.

At this point in my career, I’ve nearly done it all- from piping-hot krispy kremes to insane candy bars, custom colorized petit-fours to rows and rows of delicate macarons- and it never gets old! Here are just a few that stood out from recent weddings:

{A Bryan Photo}

Gorgeous little blueberry tartelettes by Jim Smeal.

{A Bryan Photo}

Warm bite-sized homemade chocolate chip cookies on ice-cold shots of milk . . .  hard to beat.

{Tina Rowden Photography}

The tiniest of cupcakes displayed in a sinful collection of other sweets . . .

{Heather Forsythe Photography}

Homemade apple pie as part of a pie bar  . . . how all-American.