Fragrant Floral Crowns

There is something really Victorian and old world about a delicate floral crown, and they aren’t just for the wee ones! I would eschew the overly heavy boho version, you know the one- it’s perched messily atop a Lord-of-the-Rings-ish model who is lying in a field of heather for a Vogue shoot? That’s not going to translate well on your big day. A little asymmetry, a delicacy without its being too infantile, no ribbon but a little greenery- these are all good things.

floral crowns, bridal headpieces

The simplicity of whites + greens is always welcome, and well, yeah- her gown is just stunning. I also die over the one-sided woven floral partial piece; very Kirsten Dunst/Sofia Coppola.floral crowns, bridal headpieces

So this one’s a little saturated, and I love how it’s grounded + centered at the back of her half-up/half-down situation. The rosemary napkin rings could easily be rosemary hair wreaths I think, and are beyond sweet in their simplicity.

floral crowns, bridal headpieces

For the littlest ladies, you can’t beat the original: the oft-overlooked, oft-knocked baby’s breath. When it’s used mono-botanically like this, it’s very English garden and lovely. The other one just stabs me, too- perhaps it’s the blue/gray tones with a wisp of pink astilbe? It’s exquisite.

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  1. Calder Clark

    Hi Sarah! These are all handmade by floral designers around the country- any florist can craft these for your wee bridal party members!