Fun Idea : Customize Your Cocktails

K, apparently I’m on a napkin kick this week. I’m not saying you hadn’t thought of it . . . but are you having fun with cocktail naps for your big day? Below is a smattering of cool ways we’ve done beverage napkins in the past. The littlest of details contribute to the overall ambiance of any wedding, and cocktails are our favorite part of the party! From calligraphy artwork Pantone-matched on buttery-soft masslinn to quirky little renderings printed in bold colors, the sky’s the limit.

Insider tips:

If you stick to just your names, you can re-use excess at your cocktail parties in your new life together without worrying that they’re “left over” from your wedding.

Order 3.5 per person for station-style cocktail receptions and 2.5 per person for seated dinners.

We like beverage-sized for bars and luncheon-sized for stations.


  1. Leigh

    That’s an impressive collection of napkins you’ve designed there! You’re right… it’s all about those little details.