Fun Idea : Photo Booths

The world’s your oyster when it comes to a fun photo booth concept, and there are so many varieties out there today that we thought we’d share it all here so y’all can see what’s out there! We work with a few different sources, but you can obviously craft your own depending on who your lead photog is or the city in which you live; or, hire ours!


The idea: “One thing we strive for is for it to be a straightforward fun portrait.  We have moved away from wanting to do props with our portrait studio.  Most couples rarely have a great portrait taken and the portrait studio is  a great opportunity to get one.  We recently have started asking people to put down drinks before taking it.  No one wants a great photo where they are holding a Bud Light. Also, setting up near the band is key for us. It creates a natural energy and great visibility for more guests. Lastly, My setup is pretty simple, and a lot of it is shot on film with my Mamiya RZ 67.”
Images taken: approx 200
Images delivered to client: approx 100
Medium: Film
Attendant: A trained photographer
Takeaway that night: n/a
Hosting: We host the images online a month after the wedding.  No password on the images.  They are up for 9 months.  The images start at $10 a print (4×6).  The first 10 days online, we have a 30% sale on the images.
Backdrop: We provide a white seamless or we recommend the client purchase a backdrop from Drop it Modern
Aftermath: within a short time, client gets digital copy of all images on a cd, though we encourage them to buy an album so they can have a more interesting visual guestbook we should film and the guest can order at a later date.
Cost: $1000

DIGITAL PHOTO BOOTH (Leigh Webber Photography)

The idea: Clients are encouraged to get creative to some degree, using bookshelves and baskets of silly props, colorful backdrops, whatever makes it bold and fun for guests.
Images taken: approx 200
Images delivered: approx 200
Medium: Digital
Attendant: A trained photographer
Takeaway that night: n/a
Hosting: The photobooth photos are put online within 48 hours of the wedding and available to view and order. There is the option of password-protecting the site. Ordered prints arrive in approximately a week.
Backdrop: We are more than happy to provide backdrops and will consult with the client to talk about the options.
Aftermath: Within a short time, client gets digital copy of all images. We can also design a little album for them of all the photo booth shots.
Cost: $995


{via Martha Stewart Weddings, Google}

The idea: An old-fashioned photo booth like you used to see in the mall or at the county fair growing up- only 2 or 3 can fit in there at a time. Prints shoot out the side in little strips.
Images taken: 300-500
Images delivered: same
Medium: Two strips printed per sitting- 1 for client to keep, 1 for guest to keep
Takeaway: 1 strip of pics per guest
Hosting: n/a
Backdrop: Black, plain. Client can provide own props.
Aftermath: At event end, client gets a cd of all the images from the event.
Attendant: An event tech to make sure it runs smoothly
Cost: $850 per event, unlimited photos


The idea: MVS provides what looks like a life-sized sleek white Ipod that stands just a few feet away from the backdrop/area where guests will be photographed. Guests use a handheld device to take the image when they’re ready. You can project the images as they are taken onto a screen located elsewhere, as seen above . . . just a fun option.
Images taken: up to 300 images per hour
Images delivered: as many as were taken by the machine
Medium: Digital
Attendant: Yes, by a trained event technician.
Takeaway that night: Clients who book The Digital PhotoBooth with instant, on-site printing have that option of guests leaving with pics.
Hosting: Posting event pictures on our online web gallery is a complimentary option for all clients.  Web galleries are posted within 48 hours of the event (usually within 24 hours!), and remain online for up to 6 months (available for longer or shorter periods on client request).  Passwords to access event galleries is left to the client discretion; if a password is desired, the client will choose the password required to enter the private gallery.  Pricing for prints range based on the size selected.  Pricing starting at $.025. Digital downloads are complimentary. Orders typically ship after 1-2 business days.
Backdrop: We provide a basic white foam core backdrop. Clients are welcome to provide their own special backdrop/props.
Aftermath: Client receives digital files/copies on a USB drive of all of the pictures taken at their event. They can then use the flash drive to make prints.  MVS Studio does not offer a photo book/album.
Cost: Starts at $3500.


  1. Calder Clark

    Hey Jamie! These are all professionally lit by our local lighting + sound production, typically with par 38s and some soft ambient spots. Hope that helps!