Glad You Got to See Me

That’s what my father-in-law says whenever he leaves after a visit. It always takes me a second to realize what he’s said, then I laugh like he’s never said it before.

That’s what I feel like I’m saying when I say “sorry I haven’t blogged in a while”- as though your world has been less rosy without my daily mutterings? “Rilllly“, you think. (Hi, Kelly! Wink wink.)

My reasons are valid. It’s been a WILD month- hiring, acquiring, dreaming, hanging on by a thread. We’ve pulled off some really great weddings, overhauled our warehouse, set plans for opening another company, taken on more clients for 2012, traveled, laughed our heads off, curled up and cried, you name it. I’m exhausted just writing about it. Saying it aloud makes it real in a very visceral way. Growing pains are good, right?

All the while, our sweet little Sasanqua camellias have been pinking up and bursting forth at our studio (and in my own yard), laying a thick blanket of welcome petals on our stoop. No, it’s not lost on me that our front porch looks like the aftermath of one of our weddings- intentional irony. Can you feel a metaphor coming on? Drumroll, here it is- I see them as I see our team: good Southern girls putting on their Sunday best in the advent of the new year, tucking away the trials and triumphs of 2011 and clearing a path for a clean slate. We’re going to shower (proverbially) the ground around us with fresh concepts and big ideas. I for one cannot WAIT for what’s in store.

In the short term, we hereby implore you to jump headlong into the holiday spirit and festoon your interiors  like we are.

Marching orders:

Break out your long-neglected collections (jadeite, milk glass, sterling, and more.)

Buff with abandon (I currently have “Hagerty’s elbow“.)

Step out into your [sic: neighbor’s!] yard and snip something fresh.

Drop plundered treasure into cherished vessels.

Stand back and pat self on back.

Call for impromptu gathering, invite us.

Job well done, glad you got to see me.


  1. Kelly Atkinson

    You’re back!!! What a great way to start my day….my morning java, cup of oatmeal and Calder…it is going to be a good day! You are one of the few blogs I log onto daily, and I just love reading your post. In my next life, I’ve decided I want to be you…that is if God gives me your talents. But for now, I have a 6 and 3 year old (both girls) and I hope you are still doing weddings in twenty years! Kelly