good eats

Here’s where we’re hanging out lately, since I get asked about 100x/wk! I love living in a town that people frequent so much, and one which people choose for their ultimate foodie vacay. Doesn’t hurt that all of these except one are walkable from our studio- dangerous.

Butcher and Bee is our lunchtime and late night go-to, can’t beat the mason jar sweet tea or pimiento cheese.

Rarebit is the new steak frites go-to, surprisingly casual but effortlessly chic.

Rutledge Cab Co is in fact not a cab co, my dears. In an edgier part of town but totally worth the trek- all day, all night.

The Ordinary is Mike Lata’s latest oyster hall, and it doesn’t disappoint. Abundant champs and lots of salty sea creatures to devour!

Stars is the only rooftop in Charleston with 360 degree views, and it doesn’t disappoint. Wine on tap, serious people-watching, and even more serious food.