Happy Anni To Paige + Stodd!

Miss L.A. met Mr. ME in NYC and got married in TN- isn’t that grand? If they weren’t so incredibly beautiful inside and out, you’d have to hate ’em. I can honestly say that I couldn’t walk anywhere at this wedding without bumping into the most gregarious people- all chattering about the ambiance, the couple, the magic in the air . . . it was just one of those weekends where everything gels and you realize once again that love is alive, that you were (blessedly) born to do this, and – oh yeah- that Blackberry Farm is truly Heaven on Earth.

Happy anniversary, y’all!

p.s. I will never hear Wagon Wheel and think Old Crow again . . . only of Stodd at the Yallarhammer in his a capella glory.

p.p.s. Please check out more from their amazing weekend in our feature in Flower Magazine . . .


Paige + Stodd at Blackberry Farm{A Bryan Photo}



  1. Paige

    Thanks to you lovely ladies for creating a dream weekend!! Miss you all! Xo