happy anni to the holubas!

Talk about a WONDERFUL couple. The Holubas were married at French Huguenot and dined and danced the night away at Lowndes Grove. Each beautiful sunset moment was captured by our buddies at A Bryan Photo, and I haven’t seen a sunset like it since. Seriously. Their gorgeous day was featured here, go check it out.

I enjoyed every moment with these two, with their folks, and with their friends. Random aside: Robbie’s groomsmen were some of the nicest, most interesting/debonair/gentlemanly people I’ve come across in all my years of herding bridal parties to and fro. Kristen and Robbie are welcoming their first wee one this May, and we can’t wait to see pix! Congratulations, y’all!

{a bryan photo}


  1. calder creelman

    You are the first female I have seen with the first name Calder.
    It is usually a last (sir) name.
    There is a Calder River in southern Scotland as well as an area called West Calder there. Also a beer Calder Cream Ale but it is made by a John Calder.

    I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada and we have stopped over night in Charleston SC on the way to our winter retirement home in Florida.

    I know of about 4 men called Calder but never heard the name used by a lady so I’m curious,,,,, was there a family name “Calder” ?? in your history.

    My wife showed me some of your work in decorating magazines.

    Calder Hugh Creelman

    • Calder Clark

      It’s a last name in my family dating back to our Scottish heritage, ie Cawdor Castle, etc. Thanks for emailing!

  2. Heather

    So pretty!!!
    I am getting married next summer and have been looking all over for bridesmaid dresses just like that! Do you know where she got them, or what brand they are?

  3. Jill Osteen

    Hey! I just found your blog on Pinterest and am loving your posts. This wedding is gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous!!