Happy H-ween + Candy Corn on the Cob

But seriously, folks. My BFF (Becky) and I love them so much, we are on high alert annually from August forward awaiting their ever-premature landing into the drugstore candy aisle. We even have internal rules:

1.) We are Brach’s brand whores exclusively. Any other glassy-coated Farley’s-ish situation is a travesty.

2.) They are referred to as “them”. Ex: “I just picked them up and they are SO soft today.” (Sick, I know.)

3.) Chocolate-tipped ones are not okay, but pumpkins are.

My dear friend Sallie even left a surprise bag on my doorstep the other day just as a surcee- she knows my heart. I heard the “thump”, finished bathing my chirren, and ran downstairs to see what goodie awaited me. Am I 3?

Now Camp is addicted, too. I use them to lure him from one good deed to the next, which is surely top notch parenting.

Of course Bex found this- Candy-corn-on-the-cob! So hilarious, and cute to make for the kiddos. The center is sugar cookie dough, lest you’re wondering. Makes me want to take a stab at another H-ween wedding! Happy Halloween, y’all.

{Candy Corn-on-the-cob}