Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, y’all . . . we’re reminiscing a bit today, and thought we’d share a few fun tidbits from one of our past Halloween weddings. It was featured in the LA Times yesterday, check it out here!

Catherine and Aaron eschewed orange and black (thank the Lawd) but let us play up the macabre holiday in a few fun ways that the kids could enjoy. We had local calligrapher Elizabeth Jones pen silly Halloween sayings on banners we crafted of canvas- in lieu of using kids’ names on their chairs. Each one of them took them off and carried them home with them!

It’s not a children’s table without candy- duh. But candy can be stylish, no? We stuck with a yellow palette and made sure to use wrapper-free candy to avoid unwanted clutter. We hand-stamped little muslin satchels with ghoulish phrases and filled them with dollar store toys. Finally, we hand-dipped apples in caramel (yes, “we” really did- at midnight before the big day, natch) and wrapped those for the littles to take home with them.

Catherine was super aware that wee ones were missing out on trick-or-treating, so she made sure their folks brought costumes into which they could change during dinner. Cute!

One funny touch we put on the affair was to have all of the servers were black eye patches as they came out with the first course- guests got a huge kick out of it. Oh- and it’s never “work” when little people come to play during setup. (Camp, 8 months!)

{photos- Gayle Brooker + Heather Forsythe}