Hot Or Not : The Couch Dress

What’s hot:

Christian Oth/Shawn Connell La Loire Valley bride

A Loire Valley bride in repose, as shot by the fabulous Shawn Connell for Christian Oth. I don’t mind her theatrics or the from-another-time richness of her gown; it’s pure fashion and pure fun, so why not?

What’s not:

The Pantalaine Couch Dress

So my bff Becky sent me this high-larious pic, and I first thought: “It’s already hot-or-not fodder because it says couch, not sofa.” Wannabe interior design speak snobbery aside, this picture is proof that pictures are still worth 1000 words. Or at least worth $349? Further commentary:

1. If a custom fitting is “included”, can one also select patterns + yarns? I’d love to weave a burgundy or mauve in there, and chevron is soooo 2010.

2. Could I customize mine with a cap sleeve? I just can’t rock a bare arm like this gal.

3. Do I spy a snippet of the arm of “Stinky”, our 9′ Goodwill sofa from college, resurrected for this “photo shoot”? How’d they track that down?! I want it back.