Hot or Not : Ceiling Details


Paper- thin butterfly-and-mirrored-disc installation at Neiman Marcus Charlotte. Ethereal, all white, soft, chic. Great inspiration for one of our upcoming tented affairs. And better than birds . . . which skeeve me out and are sooooo tired.


You’re probably even wondering how I got my dome under a portico of fake grapes, plastic ivy, and half-unlit rope lights inside. I had a ridiculous Greek craving and found my way into a crypt of bad 80s restaurant decor, and I must confess we spent the whole dinner laughing our faces off. If it has to be fake, it doesn’t have to be hideous and in arm’s reach! Really, folks.



  1. sarah k

    sweet lord, the what’s not photo looks exactly like the strip mall italian restauarnt in our town. the food is so good, but the decor is SO bad.