Hot or Not : Groomsmen Gifts

So we get a lot of hilarious junk mail in our studio, especially of the cheese-laden wedding variety. When I’m procrastinating, I love to dig through these catalogs in particular for “inspiration”. One thing that always stops me dead in my tracks is the litany of uggs groomsmen gifts . . . the kind that would take up half of anyone’s suitcase, cost an arm-and-a-leg, and in general chafe any groomsman I’ve ever known upon receipt.


Giving your dudes something they can repurpose . . with their initials/names on it, not YOURS.  Toothbrush cup, loose change catchall, why not? A lot of my groomsmen have opted for the classic pewter or sterling mint julep cup with masculine engraved monograms, filled with signature cocktails and passed out to their guys during down time before the big day is really under way. Rob (left) chose a Dark ‘n’ Stormy, Adam (right) chose a mint julep (he’s from KY!) . . . cool, right?

{David Edwards, Gayle Brooker}


{shot glass stein and “medieval tankard” from Exclusively Weddings . . . }

Giving your dudes something cumbersome, kitschy, and non-flight-friendly that is the definition of “wedding memorabilia”. Your wedding date, your names? No thanks. Anything that smacks of your sophomore summer jaunt through Germany should probably not resurface at your wedding 10 years later. Just sayin’.



  1. Leigh

    I was behind a stretch Hummer on Saturday and thought of your “Hot or Not” series. It was pulling out of a parking lot and had to drive over the sidewalk across the street, nearly taking out children, to make the turn. Definitely “not hot”.

  2. Calder Clark Designs

    Ack! Hysterical. Can’t wait to hot-or-not the white stretch Hum-V . . . ’twill be my next one.