Hot or Not : If you got it, flaunt it?


What’s hot is what’s maybe not even described as “hot” – because that’s so Paris Hilton 5 years ago. I mean is “hot” even what you’re going for on your wedding day? Skeeve. The above gowns are fluttery, ethereal, delicate, lacy- I sigh. On the left is what one of my brides is wearing for her big day (Marchesa India), and on the right is what she’s switching into to cut a rug (Marchesa Alana). Tremendous.


{blessedly, source unknown}

My gal pal Emilie Dulles sent this to me with an email’s version of a gasp and a smirk. Très parfait for a hono post, yes? Point being: we love you, and we’re impressed you haven’t eaten for your entire engagement. Kudos to your bridalrexia, I guess. But no one needs to see your thighmeat, friend. The pasties have got-ta-go.