Hot or Not : Parting Favors


A parting favor you actually may keep, pack home in your suitcase, and use/eat/consume/enjoy . . . like Grace Bonney’s shrimp-n-grits {via Martha Stewart Weddings}


Pass on anything dressed in a mini tux/mini gown, esp. your vanilla-scented votive-from-hell. Playing cards? I won’t gamble on your union, don’t worry. A seashell keychain- wonk wonk wooooonk, rilly? Were your nuptials on the Playa del Velveeta? And lastly- a 6″ flimsy ruler with cutout hearts? Yes, please- only if you’ll allow me to smack you upside the head with it.


  1. Jennifer

    Ha! Loved this … more people need to be up front and honest with people about wedding trends that never really were trends after all! I would rather go home with nothing than many of the things that I have received at weddings.

  2. Lee Lauren

    Ha ha thank you for posting this! I agree, more people need to read this…I once got a set of four plastic tumblers with the Bride and Groom’s name on them…