Hot or Not : Poufs

You remember those fun little things from kindergarten- you glued googly-eyes on them and called them “fuzzy pals” . . . or if you’re us, you used them for a colorful parting toss?


{A Bryan Photo}


{Richard Simmons via Us Magazine}

Shopping for your ensemble du jour at Michael’s is just not. Do you think he glued all of these on himself? What possessed him? How many fell off when he did his first high-steppin’ scissor kick?


  1. Leigh Webber

    What about if Richard Simmons did his high-steppin’ scissor kick and led the guests out of the reception into the night. Would that be hot? Or not? (Poufs make for fun photos too!)

    • Calder Clark Designs

      Ok, that’s the best idea we’ve heard yet! Calling Dick’s people stat! 🙂